Joe Schofield : Savoy Hotel (London)

Joe, is a bartender at the American Bar and Beaufort Bar at Savoy Hotel in London (today he is making us cocktails in The American Bar). He makes two cocktails for us, one is with gin and milk, and the second is with gin and dry vermouth.

Joe introduce yourself
I’m Joe Schofield and I’m a bartender at both the American Bar and the Beaufort Bar in the Savoy Hotel Hotel, London. I’ve been working here for over a year and half now. I’ve worked in the industry for the last ten years. I began to work during my studies in Leeds at Jake’s bar and that’s where I discovered the cocktail world. I travelled to Australia and worked at Palmer & co in Sydney which really broadened my horizons. When I came back from Australia I worked at Zetter Townhouse in London with Tony Conigliaro. I love this job because I love meeting people, being creative and making drinks, It’s very rewarding to see people enjoying what you have made for them. On my birthday a few years ago my bar manager at the time took me to the Savoy and it was then that I knew that was where I wanted go, and now, here I am.

The classic you want to show us
Dry Martini
60ml of Beefeater Gin
20ml of Savoy Dry Vermouth
1 drop of Savoy Martini Bitters

The bar or party you dream of
I would like to open a bar with my brother who is a bartender too. It would be a small intimate space, focussing on hospitality and cocktails. The interior would be classic with lots of dark wood and warm colours. A kind of speakeasy style but with great music.
There is one place I like to go, maybe a little too much, but it’s amazing for a nice coffee in the morning with a chocolate croissant or for an aperitif or digestive, it’s Bar Termini in Soho.

The spirit you like the most
For cocktails, I prefer to work with gin. You can try new things and it’s easy to find the right balance with gin. People love drinks made with gin, it’s an easy spirit. I tend to work with Beefeater Gin because it’s well balanced, creamy, hints of spice and has good citrus notes which make a great martini.

What makes a good cocktail and which product do you want to highlight at this moment
A good cocktail for me is all about the flavour.
I am a big fan of homemade ingredients, like syrups, cordials, shrubs, whatever. It allows a lot more opportunities to develop interesting flavour combinations.

The signature cocktail you want to show us
Mother’s Milk
40ml of Beefeater Gin
40ml of Burnt Milk with Vanilla and Lemon
15ml of Burnt Milk Syrup

Where do you think we need to go to interview another bartender?
You should go to meet my brother Daniel at 69 Colebrook Row


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